Customer Stories

Contents Restoration Stories with Happy Endings

You’re not alone. Many other people have gone through a disaster and have gotten through it with the help of Archive Contents Restoration. Hear their inspirational stories.

  • Everything back in its place

    “If you have an emergency and you need someone to take care of it, Archive Contents is the place to go. The people are awesome. They took pictures of each item, nothing got broken and everything was put back in its place. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a problem.”

    Al Stoddard, Water Damage, Insured by Mercury Insurance

  • Professionalism that impressed

    “The Archive Contents team is amazing. The level of professionalism that they showed in getting my house packed up and ready to go was beyond what I ever expected. They were sensitive to me and the stress I was under – they accommodated my every need. I can’t say enough about how awesome this company is.”

    Patricia McDonnald, Water Damage, Insured by American Modern Insurance

  • A feeling of safety and comfort

    “We had a house fire on New Year’s Day and Archive Contents has been incredible. From the very beginning, they arrived right away and explained everything. We felt like we were safe and in good hands. We are incredibly grateful and the process has been as easy as it could possible be for us.”

    Stacy Barnhesel, House Fire, Insured by Travelers Insurance