How It Works

Making Your House Feel Like Home Again

After a disaster, like a flood or a fire, you don’t want to let just anyone handle your belongings. You need a team of experts that is trustworthy, approachable and efficient. You need Archive Contents Restoration. With a proven track record of helping people in your situation, you can depend on us.

When you call the team at Archive Contents Restoration, here’s what you can expect:

  • Immediate Onsite Arrival

    Within hours, we’ll have our technicians onsite to assess the damage. Our team will also coordinate and communicate with you, the insurance professionals and the contractors to determine the best plan of action.

  • Digital Inventory

    Maintaining an organized system is extremely important. Using the most advanced digital inventory program, each item in your home will be carefully evaluated to determine our restoration process. Anything that is beyond repair will be carefully documented and reported back to you and your insurance adjuster for the valuation process.

  • Packaging and Transport

    Once the digital inventory process is completed, we’ll carefully wrap and package everything that requires off-site restoration. Taking all necessary precautions to ensure no further damage occurs, your possessions will be taken to our nearest restoration facility.

  • Restoration Facility

    This is where the magic happens. Using some of the restoration industry’s best technology, all your items will be stored here during the cleaning and repairing process. We’ll work to get your clothing, furniture, electronics, appliances, artwork, and everything in between, back to the way it was – and often times, even better.

  • Finishing Touches

    After the restoration process is complete, our team will professionally pack your items, deliver them to your house, and put them back where they belong. You’ll return to a home free of water damage, smoky smells or any other signs of disaster. Every photograph and cherished belonging will be exactly where it was before. We always treat your possessions with the same amount of care as if they were our own.